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R20 Tattoo Removal Method Explained

You may recently heard about a new technique used for laser tattoo removal called the “R-20 method”. Dr. Theodora Kossida in Greece came up with this new technique which involves multiple passes over the tattoo during one session.

Instead of making one laser pass over the tattoo during each visit ,with the R20 method, multiple passes are made over the tattoo, with at least 20 minutes between each pass.

Purpose of the R20 method: The main purpose is to clear out the ink and get rid of the tattoo in less time, i.e.shortening the time needed to get rid of a tattoo.

We have received a number of questions regarding the R20 method. Since there seems to be a lot of questions and misunderstanding regarding this new method, we will try to clear up some of the confusion.
Q: Is the R20 method a new laser?
A: No, the R20 is a method. It is a new technique. It is not a new laser!
Q: Is this new R20 method safe?
A: So far, the final results have been encouraging. In the initial study by Dr. Kossida, the new technique was used on 18 tattoos of 12 patients. Most of the ink was black amateur tattoo, not professional tattoo at the tattoo shop. As with anything new, it takes a while before the short-comings and problems are recognized.
Q: How many passes can be done over the tattoo?
A: In the original study by Dr. Kossida, there were 4 passes made over the tattoo. Since that study, others have found that in some cases, 2 passes is almost as good as 4 passes. With 4 passes, there was more damage to the epidermis. We go over the tattoo anywhere between 2-4 times based upon what kind of reaction we see.
Q: I have colors in my tattoo. Can the R20 method be used?
A: Colors in a tattoo make the process more difficult. In the study, some tattoos contained green and blue.
Q: Can you do the R20 method on anyone and any tattoo?
A: No, we are careful to offer the R20 technique to clients who we think will benefit from the method.
Q: What is the cost?
A: You will be charged for each pass made over the tattoo.
Q: Does it hurt more with each pass?
A: No, most people say the pain is the same or less with each pass.
Tatts No Good is the leading provider of laser tattoo removal in Brevard County. We are proud to offer the latest in advancement in laser tattoo removal, the R20 method, which can drastically reduce the time needed to remove a tattoo.

If you are interested in having the R20 tattoo removal method, please let us know and we can evaluate you to see if you are a suitable candidate.