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We provide the best and most effective laser tattoo removal services in Brevard

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removel services in Melbourne FL by Tatts No Good

Not every tattoo is something that people want forever. A poorly done design, an unacceptable location, a failed relationship..many tattoos are reminders of people and events that are no longer relevant.  For this reason, we offer the best laser tattoo removal in Melbourne.  We use the best and latest technology to safely remove your unwanted tattoo ink.

Laser Tattoo Removal Questions & Answers

Getting a tattoo can be a great experience. They can be beautiful works of art; a commeration of a special occasion, or a tribute to a loved one. A tattoo can be for anything someone wants it to be and in most cases it is a source of pride a joy- something to be shared, treasured, and enjoyed.


Not every tattoo is something that people want forever. A poorly done design, an unacceptable location, a failed relationship..many tattoos are reminders of people and events that are no longer relevant. Given that tattoos are by design meant to be permanent is there a safe, effective way to remove them permanently?

There are many unacceptable and ineffective ways of removing a tattoo. Remember when you got your tattoo? The artist takes a tattoo needle with ink and injects it into the skin multiple times to create the design. The technique places the ink deep into the dermis (deeper skin layers) to allow the design to be permanent and stable. Amateur tattoos (those done by nonprofessionals) are usually shallower and use ink of poor quality. However, any tattoo is meant to be permanent and is not intended for removal. And for many years that was indeed the case.

If you are reading this you may have come across ads showing various creams, lotions, abrasives, etc. claiming to be able to remove a tattoo. There is a word that describes all of them. And that is useless!


Remember how a tattoo is produced? By injecting ink deep into the skin. That depth keeps the tattoo where it is supposed to be. And renders worthless any removal method that is topical, such as any cream or lotion. Any money spent on “nonlaser tattoo removal” methods will be wasted..same as flushing it down the toilet.

Can All Tattoos Be Removed?

Well, no. People who have what is known as Fitzpatrick Type 6 Skin (African Americans and people who have very heavily pigmented skin) are poor candidates for laser tattoo removal due to the potential loss of skin pigment from the procedure (leaving the skin with less color than before and a cosmetically unacceptable result). Tattoos on the face (any skin type) present special risks and may not be amenable for removal; any tattoo close to the eye will not be removed (at least here at Tatts No Good). People with tattoos incorporating colors (especially light colors) may not get complete removal due to the difficulty in the ability of the laser to break up this type of ink. However, in most cases when a tattoo is removed by the Enlighten Laser the results are quite good and people are satisfied with the results.

So..I’m Thinking of Having a Tattoo Removed at Tatts No Good…What Next?

You need a consultation. You can fill out the on-line questionnaire and make an appointment to have our staff give you a complementary evaluation of your tattoo. If you are not a candidate for removal we will be honest with you. We want your business, but your safety and satisfaction is our mandate. We will also provide a quote at that time letting you know what the procedure will cost. All tattoos are unique, and there is no “one size fits all” situation.

Oh Yeah..What About the Cost?

The cost to remove a tattoo is probably more that you paid to get it. A small tattoo in black may cost $200 to remove over 1-2 sessions (more on that later) whereas a large, multicolored tattoo can be several thousand dollars. And no- insurance does NOT cover this procedure. We accept MC/VISA along with the usual cash/check methods. We will work with you so you can obtain the best results possible and become one of our satisfied clients.

Sessions? What’s That?

In almost all cases it takes multiple sessions (treatments) to successfully remove a tattoo. That is because the laser cannot fully break up the ink in a single treatment, and even if it could the risk of skin damage is great. At each session successively more of the tattoo is broken up and the body’s natural ability to remove unwanted material is activated. Lighter ink, especially light colored inks, are the most difficult to remove and take the most sessions. They are also the ones with the highest fail rate in regard to complete removal.
At the initial consultation we will estimate the number of sessions needed to complete a tattoo removal. The cost per session will be determined at that time.

Did getting your tattoo hurt?

Probably at least a little bit:). The new Enlighten Pico/Nano laser is less likely to cause significant discomfort than the older Q-switched lasers; in addition to removing unwanted tattoos faster and more completely.  And some areas of the body are naturally more sensitive than others. Since we at Tatts No Good are kind souls we do offer ways to mitigate this discomfort ranging from topical anesthetics (numbing cream) to injectable anesthetics (such as Lidocaine). We will do our best to minimize the “side effects” and make the experience of your Laser Tattoo Removal the best it can be

And Who Exactly is Tatts No More?

Tatts No Good is led by Eric Lang DO. Dr. Lang is Board Certified and has over 30 years experience practicing Internal Medicine and has extensive experience in dermatological issues; he also performs many procedures including skin cancer removal surgery as part of his medical practice.  All procedures are performed either by Dr. Lang or under his supervision to ensure the best results possible.